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Vimetco Extrusion

Vimetco Extrusion is a deeply rooted member of local community well positioned to support long term plans to stop Covid , fight that requires the best of humanity collective efforts.

Therefore we have considered to sustains the efforts of the medical system thru a new donation of 53.570 RON that will help our ‘white dressed heroes’ to invest in necessary resources to act properly in protecting the most vulnerable.

Even from the initial phase of the sanitary crisis, Vimetco Extrusion has been an active player in the fight towards Covid 19 pandemic that has put an unprecedented mark on the modern history and  human kind , our donations cumulating over 126.620 RON.

 We will continue our mission together with our team and partners for a prosperous future that will allow us to allocate support to a strong and healthy community. 

Looking forward for a brighter future  , we would like to take this opportunity and  wish to the entire  Vimetco Extrusion team and all our partners a Happy New Year and peaceful holidays with your dear ones!


  • Following ALRO’s best practices and success story to provide high and very high value-added products, Vimetco Extrusion started to make the first steps towards the most sophisticated industries, as well
  • Vimetco Extrusion supplies aluminium profiles and other high and very high value-added products for heliports built on the roof of several Romanian emergency hospitals
  • ABC Development Aviation in partnership with Vimetco Extrusion built the first helideck at Bistrița County Emergency Hospital and started building a similar structure at Bacău County Emergency Hospital
  • In the current challenging context faced by humanity, where the medical assistance, equipment and programs are of vital importance, this successful collaboration represents a big step for the benefit of all of us

Vimetco Extrusion, ALRO Group’s downstream subsidiary in charge with the extrusion business line, became a supplier for the most sophisticated industries by providing high and very high value-added products for heliports constructions. Thus, Vimetco Extrusion entered a partnership with ABC Development Aviation, a company certified by AACR (The Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority) as developer and installer of aerodrome elements and infrastructure for developing helideck platforms made in Romania.

The first beneficiary of the aluminium profiles platforms produced in Slatina is the heliport of the County Emergency Hospital in Bistrița, which now has the necessary landing decks for helicopters transporting emergency cases, thus avoiding the heavy road transportation, save precious time and increasing the chances to save more lives. Moreover, after this successful project’s implementation at Bistrița, the second heliport is currently being built at the Bacău Emergency County Hospital. 

The partnership we signed with ABC Development Aviation and the completion of our first heliport comes to demonstrate that our investments in manufacturing sophisticated aluminium products are successful, meaningful and support key-sectors in Romania”, said Igor HIGER, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vimetco Extrusion.Moreover, I am proud to receive on behalf of the entire team the counterparts’ appreciation that our products successfully meet all the technical specifications, quality criteria and supply terms required in this very demanding sector, added Igor HIGER.

Vimetco Extrusion supplies aluminium profiles and high value-added products, such as connectors for helideck assemblies, developing, altogether with ABC Development Aviation, helidecks made in Romania, with locally produced materials. In its turn, ABC Development Aviation certifies the final products and caters to its proper usage.

For more than 15 years we focused our investments programme on manufacturing high and very high value-added aluminium products and today we are pleased and proud to see that another company part of ALRO Group entered into the next league and penetrated the most sophisticated industries by succeeding to become a supplier for heliports, a domain defined by high-quality, precision in execution and on-time delivery”, said Marian NĂSTASE, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ALRO.By entering this very exclusive section of the aluminium industry and by completing this first project in line with the counterparts’ expectations, our colleagues from Vimetco Extrusion will offer a significant and needed support while returning from their accumulated expertise and experience over the years to the community and to the medical field in Romania”, added Marian NĂSTASE.

Following the completion of the first heliports, other two similar projects are currently in discussions for the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children "Marie S. Curie" in Bucharest and the Suceava County Emergency Hospital.

ABC Development Aviation recognised the need for heliports platforms, at the national level and wanted to cover this undersupplied segment of manufacturing metal platforms for landing - take off, intended for heliports built on the hospitals’ terraces”, said Attila MARTON, CEO of ABC Development Aviation. “Until recently, these were exclusively imported, so we are happy that we succeeded developing, with the valuable support of our partner, Vimetco Extrusion, a project which meets the requirements of applicable aeronautical regulations and to provide good value for money”, added Attila MARTON.


ABC Development Aviation is a company with 100% Romanian capital, offering integrated solutions for the heliport field, adapted to the individual requirements of the beneficiaries, being a leader on the Romanian market. ABC Development Aviation prepares feasibility studies, aeronautical studies, impact studies, topographic and obstacle studies, concept notes, technical projects, heliport documents, provide aviation fuel storage/ supply facilities, related equipment and provides maintenance service for them, aerodrome staff training and also provides consulting and project management services.

Vimetco Extrusion supports local community to fight the pandemic 

donation to Slatina Emergency County Hospital


We are living extraordinary times that require special attention and measures.

 In Vimetco Extrusion we have thoughtfully monitored the dynamic and spread of COVID -19, along with the rest of the world. Health and safety of our employees represents company’s highest priority, therefore we have taken all the necessary measures to prevent and mitigate COVID-19 effects in our facility, certifying in same time continuity of deliveries to our business partners.

Our endeavour is not only to act inside our company, but to join forces with authorities and support their efforts in ensuring the well-being of people.

Therefore, as an important pillar of our community, in order to make our contribution to fight against COVID 19, we have decided to donate 70 000 Ron to Slatina Emergency County Hospital, that will enable the purchasing of medical supplies needed.

We will continue to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus and courageously perform our activity, assuring in same time to our employees a safe and secured living.

Only together we will succeed!

Stay safe! Be well!

Vimetco Extrusion,  an ISO and CE certified company, fully owned subsidiary of Vimetco-Alro S.A., the largest aluminium smelter in Central and Eastern Europe, is operating since end of 2006 and is continuously upgrading itself. Part of Vimetco N.V., Vimetco Extrusion is a fast growing company, located in Slatina - Romania, permanently working to fulfil its motto, “Committed to perfection“, by providing high quality aluminium products, short delivery times, and above all, professional customer service.

Our Mission Statement

Become a leading supplier in the European extrusion market through excellence, competitiveness, team work and customer orientation in order to create a sustainable, long term profitable organization for our stakeholders. 

Our Philosophy

We have a special understanding towards our customers’ wishes and we treat them in the most professional and reliable manner.

Our customers are our partners, their satisfaction is our success!


Vimetco Extrusion

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