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 Vimetco Extrusion is a deeply rooted member of local community well positioned to support long term plans to stop Covid , fight that requires the best of humanity collective efforts. Therefore we have considered to sustains the efforts of the medical system thru a new donation of 53.570 RON that will help our ‘white dressed heroes’ to invest in necessary resources to act

properly in protecting the most vulnerable.
Even from the initial phase of the sanitary crisis, Vimetco Extrusion has been an active player in the fight towards Covid 19 pandemic that has put an unprecedented mark on the modern history and  human kind , our donations cumulating over 126.620 RON.
 We will continue our mission together with our team and partners for a prosperous future that will allow us to allocate support to a strong and healthy community. 

Looking forward for a brighter future  , we would like to take this opportunity and  wish to the entire  Vimetco Extrusion team and all our partners a Happy New Year and peaceful holidays with your dear ones!

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