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Customer oriented and Quality conscious company, Vimetco Extrusion constantly strives to improve the quality of its products and services.

It is widely acknowledged that proper Quality Management improves business, often having a positive effect on investment, market share, sales growth, sales margins, competitive advantage, and avoidance of litigation.

From the very beginning of the activity, one of the main objectives of Vimetco Extrusion’s management was to implement a quality management system, doubled by a corresponding training for the employees, which shall lead to a better development of the company, providing a clear and predictable evolution frame.

October 2009, Standard Institute of Israel granted us ISO 9001:2008 certification and in 2018 we obtained the certification for ISO 9001:2015.

The quality principles in ISO 9001:2015 are also guidelines for providing a comprehensive model for quality management systems that can make any company competitive.

June 2011, we received Factory Production Certificate in accordance with the requirements of the construction Products Directive 89 / 106 / EEC

Elements of the Quality Management System:

  • Organizational structure
  • Responsibilities
  • Methods
  • Processes
  • Resources
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement

 Our Quality Management System (QMS) is based on:

  • personnel training and qualification;
  • controlling the product development;
  • controlling documentation;
  • product identification and traceability at all stages of production;
  • controlling and defining production and process;
  • defining and controlling inspection, measuring and test equipment;
  • validating processes;
  • product acceptance;
  • controlling nonconforming product;
  • instituting corrective and preventive action when errors occur;
  • labeling and packaging controls;
  • handling, storage;
  • records;
  • statistical techniques;

all overseen by Management Responsibility and Quality Audits.


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