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What is Quality Control in Vimetco Extrusion?  

  • First of all, quality control is the "check" or the "end-of-the-immediate-task-at-hand" record or analysis that determines the acceptability or unacceptability of a product, a product plan, a product part
  • Tasks related to quality control may include documented reviews, calibration, or additional types of measurable testing (sampling, etc.)

Final Determination

  • Essentially, quality control is determined by the comparison of a product against the original specifications that were created before the product existed

Who is involved?

  • Tasks related to quality control will usually require the involvement of those directly associated with the manufacturing process of a product
  • Our company has Quality Inspectors positioned in each technological phase (press area, testing and sampling area, packing area)

What is Quality Assurance in Vimetco Extrusion?

  • Quality assurance represents more a process analysis that will determine the template and pattern of quality control tasks.
  • Quality assurance assignments do not have to be measurable, although quality assurance evaluators will often use past experience or regulation as a guide for process determination

Final Determination

  • Essentially, quality assurance is determined by procedures, work instructions and one point lessons

Who is involved?

  • Quality Assurance has representatives in every department of the company



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